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EMFIL Double wall consists of two shells about 5 to 7cms thick, made of reinforced concrete, which are combined with each other by means of lattice girders. An empty space remains between the shells of at least 7cm which shall vary depending on the total required wall thickness.
Any tie steel joining the wall to the foundation or other adjacent EMFIL Double walls or half floor units is placed in the cavity prior to concreting. After assembly of the precast segments the EMFIL Double wall elements can be grouted with in-situ concrete. As soon as the filling core is hardened, the total cross-cut has the effect of a monolithically manufactured in-situ concrete wall. All additional components like cellar windows, fire retardant doors, door frames, electrical wiring conduits and splitting boxes are installed at the factory itself.

General advantages of EMFIL Double wall system

  • The EMFIL Double wall has the effect of a homogeneous in-situ concrete wall.
  • Provisions for cellar windows, fire retardant doors, door frames and electrical wiring conduits and splitting boxes is done at the time of casting itself.
  • Both surfaces are smooth, so no plaster is required and is ready to be
    painted immediately.
  • The components are delivered "just-in-time".
  • No investment costs for form work.

  • Labor costs are considerably lower.
  • Formwork transport, as well as erecting and dismantling the form work can be avoided.
  • The fast progress in construction makes it possible to keep the prefinancing costs much lower.
  • Pre-casting takes place in work sheds and therefore weather conditions are irrelevant.
  • No deadlines for dismantling of formwork.
  • Less construction site equipment required.

EMFIL Double wall manufacture is based on an automatic production system, therefore overall lengths and prescribed reinforcement is always exact.

wallsLifting and Erection

Lifting points are cast during manufacturing for a safe, fast and easy method of handling and installation. Our fleet of vehicles assures a timely delivery to site where the stairs are taken by a crane directly from the delivery truck. The concrete element taken from the delivery truck is directly positioned into the place with minimum manpower.

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