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stairsTime is always a crucial factor in project completion. We in EMFIL understanding this, offers a superior EMFIL stair elements which expedites the construction process on site, eliminating time consuming activities such as propping, shuttering and pouring of concrete.

EMFIL stair elements are equally suited to all types of buildings including residential, commercial and industrial applications. EMFIL stair comes with an excellent surface quality and accurate dimensions

Our highly experienced team of concrete industry professionals combine the best product knowledge and design expertise to provide solutions that perfectly balance the design. Manufacturing using the best raw materials and latest technology our stairs come with a crack free surface even after extensive use.

stairsGeneral advantages of EMFIL Stairs

  • Excellent quality at economic cost.
  • Rapid installation.
  • Immediate access to floor levels.
  • 20% reduction in overall time period on site
  • Uniform quality and finish
  • No screed required, allowing straight away application of paint.
  • Reduction of waste on site, leading to site costs reduction
  • Safer working environment.
  • On time delivery to site, thus avoiding storage spaces on site.


EMFIL prefabricated stairs are manufactured under factory controlled conditions using the best quality materials and moulds resulting in quality and consistency that can never be matched on site using traditional methods.

Lifting and Erection

Lifting points are cast during manufacturing for a safe, fast and easy method of handling and installation. Our fleet of vehicles assures a timely delivery to site where the stairs are taken by a crane directly from the delivery truck.The stairs taken from the delivery truck is directly positioned into the place with minimum manpower and allows an immediate access to the next floor.

stairsManufacturing System

EMFIL stairs are manufactured using the most modern German technology. All the stair elements are individually designed to suit the client's requirements. EMFIL manufacturing system is a hydraulic stair-forming machine with adjustable controls which allows us to manufacture stairs with combinations of infinitely variable riser-tread ratios. EMFIL stairs can be manufactured in different shapes like straight and curved, thus giving the designer unlimited design possibilities.


CAD Design

EMFIL stairs is designed using the latest CAD technology. When putting the data in the EMFIL CAD system, an automatic check up of the measurement of the stair plan is carried out, which eliminates all mistakes in the designing stage and guarantees a perfect and accurate production. As the data transfer to the production unit is done using the latest technology, even the slightest chance of human error is eliminated.

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